A collection of work I have done for Chlöe Swarbrick's sucessful Auckland Central campaign for 2023.
This was a postcard illustration for the 2023 campaign! I was one of three illustrators who worked on this batch of postcards and I'm stoked with how they all turned out.
This is the only rough I could find, which isn't super rough but maybe it's fun to look at?
I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted this to look like so there wasn't too much back and forth with concepting.
I reworked this illustration for a vertical format for a billsticker takeover, which had heaps of impact and was a great way to incorporate more art into the campaign.
These stickers were quickly made when we found out that the voting booths in 2023 would not be providing the usual "I VOTED" stickers.
Started with some super simple thumbnails to get my ideas out which I then cleaned up enough for people to actually interpret.

We ended up going with a variation on the middle option, with more people-looking people rather than the generic blobby characters.
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