I was stoked to get to design the key art for NZGDC in 2022!

Such a great team of people who made this project possible, I love how it came together.
I was responsible for the illustrated art, while the graphic design was done by another super talented member of the team.
Here's a good look at the key art without the graphic design elements.
I wanted each character to represent a different part of the video games industry, while also having their own unique vibe.
Here's the first piece of paper I started planning things out on, not sure how much help this actually was, but it's a great way for me to start getting into the right headspace.
A couple of super early, super not relevant concepts.
This is where things start actually coming together — I had developed the first one the most because it was my favourite so I'm stoked it's the direction we went.
This sketch ended up being pretty close to how to finished illustration looked, I drew each character in full so they could be used as individual assets as well as together.
Here's a quick timelapse of some of the finished lineart!
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